Getting My Car Fixed On the Fly

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What Factors Affect Pricing For Auto Glass Repair?

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Prior to getting the best car glass repair service, it is important to know that the price can vary greatly. The cost of auto glass repair will be set based on the size and shape of the defect. Some defects are severe and more difficult to correct than others. Once a car is taken to a car glass repair shop, they will inspect the damage and then offer the most appropriate price quote. Read More»

Why Prompt Windshield Replacement Is So Important

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If you have a vehicle that has a cracked windshield, you will want to do everything you can in order to get the windshield replaced as soon as possible. Prompt replacement of the windshield is vital for the following reasons: The Crack Can Get Bigger In No Time At All You might think that the crack is small enough and in a position where you can still see the road well. Read More»