Getting My Car Fixed On the Fly

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3 Reasons Why It's Vital That You Replace Your Damaged Windshield

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Does your car have a windshield that’s been damaged by a rock or by some other airborne debris? Have you been putting off getting it fixed? Although a damaged windshield isn’t going to prevent your vehicle from functioning properly, it’s still important to have it replaced as soon as possible. Having a clean and undamaged windshield allows you to see exactly where you’re going, helping to prevent accidents. But if that isn’t sufficient reason to replace your windshield right now, here are a few other reasons to consider: Read More»

Fix Your Windshield On Your Terms

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It can be a real hassle to take your car into the shop for something as simple as a cracked or chipped windshield. You have so many other things that demand your time, but consider how important a windshield is to you and your family’s safety. The windshield is there to protect you from debris, and a cracked windshield does not provide the structural support a pristine windshield does during a crash. Read More»

Get Your Windshield Replaced—No More Excuses

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One of the main reasons that people do not get their windshield replaced is the fact that they do not have time to do it. They figure that work or other things on the to-do list are more important. However, what they may not realize is that they are putting themselves and the ones that they love in a lot of danger. If the windshield is structurally compromised, then it is much more likely to shatter or to harm you if you are in a crash. Read More»

Did A Small Tree Or Branch Crack Your Windshield? Get A Mobile Service And Drive Quickly

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If a small tree or some tree branches have fallen on your vehicle and you have some cracks from the event, but you have to get to work or use your vehicle quickly, there are a few things that you’ll want to do. Even if you can easily lift the small tree or move the branches so they are off your vehicle, you don’t want to touch them until you have taken the right steps. Read More»

Unwanted Souvenir From Your Road Trip? 3 Things To Know About Getting Your Windshield Repaired

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Hitting the open road is a great way to explore new places, yet you know that anything can happen when you hit the freeway. From being surprised by a random patch of hail to getting stuck behind a truck full of gravel, hazards on the roadway can add up to glass damage fast. Now that you’re home, it’s time to get back to business, and repairing your windshield is a priority. Read More»