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How To Ensure You're Getting Good-Quality Auto Glass

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Like with most things in life, the best option is not always the rock-bottom, cheapest product. With something as important as the windshield in a car, it's paramount to ensure that it's the best quality. It's just a thin piece of glass between you and the road, but it plays a big part in safety and makes up a significant portion of a vehicle's cabin strength. Here are four basic steps to check that you're getting the best-quality auto glass repair.

Do some research on the company you want to use

Do they have good reviews on any reputable review sites such as Trustpilot? Is the company well-established? What do they say about the types of glass they fit? These all should give an indication of the type of company they are. A company that has good reviews and has been in business a while often rely on trust and repeat business. A new company may also offer a good service, but ensure that you make additional checks.

Ask where the glass comes from

Whether it's a screen that is being replaced or one of the windows, the auto glass repair technician should know where the glass comes from and what should be used in different makes and models of vehicles. The best auto glass repair shops boast using original equipment manufacturer (OEM) glass. That means that they're using what the vehicle was designed by the manufacturer, not cheaper substitutes.

Check the work is coming with a guarantee

It may be an old way of thinking, but a quality product that is designed to live a long life will be backed by the service center with a guarantee. Cheap glass repairs may become damaged with the smallest of chips, split in cold weather, or may not fit properly. Without that all-important guarantee, it will be time to pay out for another windshield.

Once installed, check the work

There are a few basic checks that can be performed right away. Look at the outside of the glass and make sure there are no chips or scratches before you drive away. Turn on the wipers and make sure that they wipe across the screen properly. Don't put music on you car stereo right away; listen as you drive to ensure there are no whistles as this could indicate a split or gap in the glue that holds the windshield on.

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