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3 Reasons Why It's Vital That You Replace Your Damaged Windshield

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Does your car have a windshield that's been damaged by a rock or by some other airborne debris? Have you been putting off getting it fixed? Although a damaged windshield isn't going to prevent your vehicle from functioning properly, it's still important to have it replaced as soon as possible. Having a clean and undamaged windshield allows you to see exactly where you're going, helping to prevent accidents. But if that isn't sufficient reason to replace your windshield right now, here are a few other reasons to consider:

Little to no cost to you: Although the total cost of windshield replacement is obviously going to be more than nothing, you may pay little to no money out of your own pocket. Many insurance companies will cover the cost of replacing a windshield, leaving you with only a small deductible that needs to be paid. Instead of having to pay for the entire cost of putting in a new windshield, you'll only need to have a few hundred dollars in order to cover your premium's deductible. Since not all insurance policies offer this option, make sure to check with your insurance company as soon as possible to find out whether or not yours is one that does.

Avoid tickets: It's likely that your municipality has laws that govern how much damage is allowed on windshield glass before a ticket can be issued. Although a small chip or crack on the passenger side of the windshield may be acceptable, any damage on the driver's side may be subject to a fine. Even if your damage is currently confined to the passenger side, making it ineligible for a traffic ticket, the various stresses associated with driving could quickly cause the damage to spread. Having a windshield replacement performed as soon as possible will prevent the damage from getting bad enough that a police officer will write you a ticket.

Stay safe: A damaged windshield can get you a traffic ticket because the crack or chip can reflect light in unexpected ways and cause temporary blindness while driving. Although the law may say that only damage in a specific area of the windshield is a concern, you should seriously consider a windshield replacement because damage in other areas can still cause a temporary blindness. A crack on the passenger side windshield could reflect the sun into your eyes when you're turning, preventing you from seeing another vehicle that's headed in your direction. A clean and undamaged windshield won't block your vision at all, helping to prevent you from getting into any accidents.